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What the Experts Are Saying . . .

"Michael has developed an outstanding framework that is both analytical in its approach and sensitive to the human factors that go into winning the support of the body politic. An important and useful guide to being successful in any deliberation."
- Michael A. Cantalupa, Senior Vice President of Development, Boston Properties, Inc.

"Drawing from his many years of experience as a public servant and management professor, O'Halloran has created an essential interpersonal handbook for anyone working in the public arena."
- Aaron J. Nurick, PhD, Professor of Management and Psychology, Bentley University

"Lend Me Your Ear skillfully illustrates the effectiveness of how to get your needs met while respectfully hearing what others have to say. This book is an excellent resource for honing communication skills in all important relationships."
- Tracy G. Skale, MD, Psychiarist/Medical Director

"O'Halloran lends his ear, beats the drum, and marches to social success."
- David Paleologos, DAPA Research, President

"O'Halloran has a unique understanding of the dynamic of interpersonal relations in deliberation and decision making. He has focused years of experience into an entertaining and easy-to-read handbook for both the novice and experienced petitioner. A good read for anyone looking to be successful in the public realm."
- Glenn Goldstein, President, Related Retail